Our tung oil makes us special.

We grow, harvest, and cold press our own tung oil.

Since 2018, L.Co began working closely with not for profit organization MCNV Vietnam and takes pride in working with the indigenous Van Kieu and Paco communities of the Central Highland region in Vietnam where tung trees grow natively. With everyone’s help, we are able to collect from over 8,000 acres of forest for tung seeds every year. Our strategic partners are non-profit entities that allow us to work closely with the farming communities and also help to form coops to empower more women in leadership positions, and pay workers a fair living wage.

Collective action.

The Lucero Company working with the Chan May Coop in Quang Tri, Vietnam.

With the help of our non-profit partners, we have planted over 300,000 new tress over the last two years, from 2020-2022. And we have a plan to plant 1.2 million more trees in the next five years. We are artists, community activists and educators at heart.

Tung seeds grown in Quang Tri, Vietnam.

It all starts from here.

We have a circular economic production process for making tung oil. All waste material is generated into nutrient rich compost. All waste water used for cleaning our seeds is filtered and recirculated. We are working on becoming Zero Waste to Landfill and Fair Trade certified as well as incorporating solar energy to power our factory.

All L.Co products are made with ethically harvested and sustainable plant based tung oil.

The future.

Every one of L.Co’s products contains tung oil. Every time you purchase one of our products you help to plant more trees and are directly helping to support our community of farmers and coops in the Central Highland region of Vietnam. Our future mission is to plant 1,000,000 new trees a year.